Summer 2012

Dear Friends and Business Neighbors,

Forward, Together!

Matt Kalla

This is an exciting moment in the history of our business community. The Board of Directors at the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce is researching ways to attract more people to our beautiful community and your business, become more effective in working with City Hall, keep our business taxes among the lowest in California, and build stronger ties among all of us.

We want to hear from you! Starting in July our “Forward, Together!” campaign will hold weekly meetings to get your opinion on how to reach our lofty goals. Each session will last one-hour and are identical in format. Each session will be moderated by Mike McLaughlin of TurpinMcLaughlin Communications, the firm organizing our outreach campaign. Please pick
one that fits your busy schedule and bring a business neighbor.

The Board is also investigating the possibility of forming a business improvement district (BID). No decision has been made and by joining the discussion now you will help guide our decision.

We want to hear from you!

All the best,

Matt Kalla
President, Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

p.s. If you haven’t taken our 3-minute survey please click on the survey button now. It’s one more way to make your voice heard.

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